Here are some strange/scary/funny images you might like.

This is the front of a greeting card I saw once.
Choose the statement which most accurately describes your reaction to this photo.
I am quite frightened. I will most likely never sleep again.
I am repulsed by this picture, yet somehow strangely aroused. Where can I get a large wall-sized version?
I have no strong feelings about this picture. You, however, scare me.

This was a sign in the men's room in my dorm. (My friends put three of these on my door one night.)
Do my friends smoke crack?

I don't believe that you have friends.

This is my lovable Halloween creation. Jesse helped me make him.
Do you think I am a talented artiste?

(Hint: Please say "Yes.")

Sure, whatever.
No. You suck.

How do you like my creepy pictures?

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"These pictures are too creepy for me."

"You are too creepy for me."